IT Systems

Business Consulting Services EU offers advisory services in financial and management information systems.

Our understanding of business processes and our ability to research and analyze the operational requirements of business activities has enabled Business Consulting Services EU to lead the automation of accounting and management information systems for clients in the Arabian Gulf.

  • Functional studies
  • Implementation assistance
  • Our Experience in FAMIS
Functional studies

The key to a successful computerisation project is to first create a statement of functional requirements that expresses exactly what the client wants his new system to do in a form that can be fully understood by the IT analysts and programmers.

We have undertaken in-depth functional studies and created statements of requirements for financial and management information systems (FAMIS) which successfully expressed the specific needs of particular clients.

Business Consulting Services EU has also been closely involved in defining project strategies, in pre-qualifying vendors, in producing requests for proposals, in evaluating proposals from vendors and negotiating contracts with chosen vendors.

Implementation assistance

In order to ensure that the functionalities we define in our studies are automated successfully, we can control implementation on behalf of clients. This involves supervising systems analysis and programming, testing and the going-live process.

We can also assist in the training of users and the production of user manuals, and advise on the future development of systems.

Experience in FAMIS

At Business Consulting Services EU, our experience in the analysis and implementation of financial accounting and management information systems, and production control systems is wide-ranging.

We have undertaken automation-related assignments for:

  • a soft drinks manufacturer and distributor
  • a vehicle importer and distributor
  • a diverse trading group
  • a major animal shipping, meat processing and distribution company
  • an importer, distributor and retailer of electronic equipment, domestic appliances, computer hardware and office equipment
  • a ship repair and industrial contracting company, and
  • a TV series production company

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