Capital Raising

At Business Consulting Services EU we can help you raise the funds you need to expand or develop your business.

Whether you are looking for equity or loan capital, and whatever the current size of your operations, our connections with investing institutions and personalities in Gulf Cooperation Council countries and in the financial centres in Dublin, Ireland, will enable you to get in touch with suitable financiers.

We can also help you create a persuasive case for financing.

Before putting you in touch with potential financiers, we will discuss your proposal, help you to prepare a concept paper for initial evaluation and decide the most suitable form of financing for your needs.

Once we have assured ourselves that you have a viable proposal we can introduce you to a suitable financier and help you undertake a feasibility study and create a full business plan.

We will also participate in negotiations, should you wish, with potential financiers.

For further information on how Business Consulting Services EU can help you raise funds, contact us with a brief outline of your financing needs.

For further information … please contact us directly