Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Advice from Business Consulting Services EU will help you optimize your website structure, content and presentation and make it one of your most effective marketing tools.

Getting your internet marketing strategy spot on is fundamental to success, whether you are a major international corporation or an small or medium-sized enterprise. At Business Consulting Services we will advise on and help you to:

  • improve your visitor experience
  • increase website traffic
  • optimize your customer service related information
  • make the most of your online public relations efforts
  • execute online reputation and crisis management
Improving the visitor experience

Visitors to a corporate website may be merely curious, they may be seeking specific information about the company, its products or services, or they may trying to place an order.

Whatever their motives, they must be given an experience that satisfies the reason for their presence … otherwise they will click away and won’t come back.

Thus your corporate website must have a structure that is appropriate to the type of visitor you are trying to attract, is easy to navigate and has good site-search functionality.

At Business Consulting Services EU we can test your website against the requirements of the traffic you are trying to attract and provide you with a report advising you on how to optimize the experience of your targeted visitors.

Increasing targeted website traffic

As a business, you are not interested in casual surfers but in visitors who are actively looking for the products or services you provide … qualified visitors whose presence on your site will bring you online leads and sales.

At Business Consulting Services EU we will show you how to optimize your website so that it ranks high in the results page of major search engines for the search terms that are most appropriate for your products and services.

We will help you define the search terms (key words) people looking for your type of products or services are likely to enter as queries in Google, Yahoo! and MSN search boxes, and show you the most effective techniques for making your presence felt on the Internet.

As qualified experts in SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, including web analytics, we will improve your online brand visibility which will result in increase leads and sales.

Optimizing your customer service related information

When creating content for a corporate website, customer service related information, such as frequently-asked-questions (FAQs) is often overlooked. This is because so much effort is put into optimizing content to generate leads and make a sale.

However it is vital for your company’s credibility and market leadership that you make content that is useful to existing customers readily available on your site so that you can retain those customers.

At Business Consulting Services EU we will show you how to optimize frequently-asked-questions, create easily-accessible archives of common queries from customers (Q&As), and set up product data, specifications and user-manuals for easy reference online.

Our advice will help you reduce your customer support costs and improve customer satisfaction which, in turn, will improve your PR efforts and, through enhanced corporate reputation, generate additional leads and sales.

Online Public Relations

The public relations benefits of a properly designed and used corporate website are enormous.

The Internet can be an ideal medium for promoting press releases, corporate newsrooms, re-published media coverage, corporate videos, podcasts, images, webinars, and special reports, provided you optimize the content so that it can be easily found by journalists, researchers, and customers.

Newsletters and corporate blogs, as well as routine announcements and media communications, can be effectively distributed via the Internet.

At Business Consulting Services EU we will advise you how you can best to educate your targeted Internet audiences about your company, help you optimize your press releases and other PR materials so that they are found by targeted searchers, and show you how to match your corporate news items to appropriate channels.

Reputation and crisis management online

Online management of corporate reputation is becoming increasingly vital as disgruntled customers and employees find out how easy it is to publish negative content on the Internet. This is especially true during times of crisis.

Corporate reputations and brands that have taken years and immense resources to build can be tarnished, or even destroyed, by negative content that is accessible to anyone keying in your company name into standard search engines, news search engines, social media, blogs and forums.

At Business Consulting Services EU we can show you where and how to monitor your company name, brands, products and services, as well as your key executives, so that you have genuine insight into what critics and customers are saying about your brands.

We will help you optimize your web-based communications – public relations, marketing, SEO, human resources, and investor relations – so that positive attitudes outrank your naysayers in search engine results thus keeping your corporate reputation intact.

We will also help you engage your critics and address their grievances.

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